5 Vital Tips for Attracting Local Customers

The vast majority of customers now rely largely on the internet and social media when it comes to finding information about a business. However, as a business owner, the idea of spending your hard-earned money on the internet can be daunting, particularly given how many different methods there are when it comes to using digital advertising to attract local customers. Here are five easy-to-execute tips to help you attract local customers.

Make Yourself Visible in Google Maps

When someone googles the name of a business, more often than not, that business will be listed alongside key information in Google maps. This information includes a link to the website, customer reviews, and contact information. Thankfully, claiming your business listing is easy, and there are easy-to-follow instructions on how you can do just that. Before you do, make sure that your website is up-to-date, that your social media content is fresh, and that your address is accurate. After all, there’s no sense in claiming your Google business page if the information you have won’t get your customers to your store!

Managing Online Reviews

Virtually all online users read reviews. Make sure to register your business, create a page or claim it’s listing on the major networks like Google, Facebook, and Yelp. From there, try to get your customers to leave online reviews. You can do this by:

  • Leaving stickers and reminders to leave a review
  • Leaving links on your website and in your social media
  • Putting reminders on checks and invoices

Unfortunately, no matter how conscientious of a business owner you are, bad reviews will happen. When they do, try to respond and explain what went wrong, offer to remedy the situation and create an open dialogue. Even if the review is bad, your potential customers will see that you care about your customers and their opinions when they see your response.

Use Social Media to Advertise to Local Customers

Social media platforms have options that allow you to target local customers. Take a class, watch a YouTube video or consider hiring a professional to determine the additional keywords that will allow you to reach local customers who may be interested in your services. Social media works: More then $15 billion was spent on social media in 2018.

Target Your Website with Local Keywords

Search engine optimization (SEO) is critical for small-business owners. It ensures that your business will be found by people who are looking for it. To that end, make sure that your website is loaded with local keywords that can be found by people in your area. Placement of your keywords matters, too. You should put the name of the most searched municipality in your website’s title page. Thankfully, Google has a robust and free tool that can help you find the best keywords for your site.

Get Help from a Professional

Attracting local customers and keeping your website and social media content targeted appropriately can be difficult for most people. Fortunately, our business can help. If you are local to the Michigan area and looking for an expert in attracting local customers, check out our website or give our office a call or send an email, and we’ll discuss how we can help your business grow and succeed.

Every business owner knows that they need a website and an active social media presence, but targeting it to get local customers can be a challenge. It requires research, time and, in many cases, money and real expertise. Check out these tips, and if you need more help, reach out to digital marketing professionals to maximize your business’ online presence.


4 Unexpected Things Social Media Can Do for Your Business

Most companies are aware of the need for an online presence. Consumers will look at a company website before making a purchase or making formal contact. With the advent of social media, online interactions with companies have changed. It is no longer just about creating an impression or sharing information. Social media gives the opportunity for instant feedback and real-time communication. Here are four unexpected ways that social media can make a difference for your business.

Help Evaluate a Company

Social media can make or break a company’s reputation. Consumers can examine how a company deals with criticism, how it handles mistakes and how it lives out its mission. It’s become standard practice to investigate a national brand’s social media presence before deciding to franchise with them. Potential partners might stay away if it becomes apparent that a company is constantly dealing with a controversy or has too much baggage. On the other hand, a positive reputation can encourage people to invest.

Generate Creative Partnerships

Social media allows for many different types of connections. If you pay attention, you may discover ways to connect with other businesses in different sectors. For example, social media allows several different businesses to connect around a single charity event. These kinds of connections can do a lot for your business’ reputation in the local community.

Turn Clients into a Community

Another type is connection comes with the communal nature of social media. Customers that like or follow your business will find that they are connected to a larger community. This community can act like a giant suggestion box as you look at expanding your services or improving your brand. By paying attention to social media, you can have a better sense of the needs that your business can fill.

Immediate Crisis Management

Every business is going to make mistakes. A new product may have unexpected flaws. A well-intentioned message may inadvertently offend. Social media gives your business the ability to do crisis control in real time. You can address a negative situation before it spirals out of control or takes up too much precious time. A quick, sincere apology can not only solve problems, but it also can improve your reputation by making you seem responsive to client concerns.

Social media creates a window for you to observe your clients and your clients to observe you. By paying attention to posts and reviews, you can help your business respond quickly to changing needs. Social media is an essential tool for your business’ future.

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How to Resolve Purchase Problems on Your eCommerce Website

A lot of people buy products online. It’s a more convenient option than going to the mall. Imagine not leaving your home and have the product delivered on your doorstep. By 2021, it is expected that the ecommerce market will generate $4.5 trillion in sales given its current trajectory. However, there’s a challenge among business owners to ensure that their website is working properly and they can deliver the best customer service to potential customers. It’s important for businesses to know how to address common purchase problems encountered by customers in their ecommerce site.

Source: https://www.disruptiveadvertising.com/ppc/ecommerce/2018-ecommerce-statistics/

Common Problems

It’s a common problem that customers buy products only to find out that it is already sold out. Or worse, they’ve bought the product only to find out that they will get a refund because the product that they’re looking for isn’t available.

Another common problem that customers encounter is the fact that the price isn’t converted immediately to their local currency. This is where it can get confusing. The currency typically changes constantly and therefore, some customers are turned off already thinking that you are selling your products higher than others.

There are also instances when customers will hesitate to complete the purchase once they find out that there are additional charges such as shipping charges upon checkout.

Source: https://www.whoishostingthis.com/blog/2017/07/27/ecommerce-problems/


The good news is that you can have different solutions to address these problems. The best way to address the problems is to employ a wide range of software tactics to help make the process simpler.

For instance, you can have a feature that converts the price according to where the person is visiting your website from. Also, it is a good idea to always make use of an inventory software that tracks the number of products that you have currently in your inventory. You don’t have to end up selling more than you should. And also, it prevents the embarrassing scenario where you have to email your customers and apologize for the mix-up.

As for ensuring that your customers aren’t going to be surprised by the shipping cost, perhaps you can have a flat rate shipping cost per region. Here, the cart will be updated before they even go to the checkout allowing them to have an idea of how much exactly are they going to pay.

Lastly, you want to make sure that you always maintain superb customer support. Customer support doesn’t have to be 24/7. It can even be done via emails. This way, customers can air their issues immediately. You can have an autoresponder message with the average response time for inquiries to further show responsiveness.

Source: https://www.celerant.com/blogs/how-can-you-eliminate-your-abandoned-shopping-carts/

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How Facebook Is Trying to Stay Business-Friendly

In 2004, Mark Zuckerberg created a simple website for his fellow Harvard students. It was intended for networking and communication and quickly branched out to additional colleges and people. This site, Facebook, would eventually become a massive Internet superpower frequented not only by students but also friends, strangers, celebrities and organizations. Though Facebook is widely considered to be a social website, its original mission of networking continues to this day. Many businesses have found a home there, using the platform to boost their popularity and sales.

Facebook’s Business Model

Facebook helps businesses in many ways. First and foremost, they do this through advertising. In fact, since Facebook doesn’t require its users to pay a membership fee, they’ve become dependent on ad revenue. It’s a business model that’s been employed for a long time; before the Internet’s creation, radios, magazines and television stations all relied on ads. Facebook has found great success in advertising; in 2017, they made approximately $39,942,000 just through ads. In exchange for this sum, businesses have gained massive traction on the website, increasing their sales and clientele.

However, paid advertising is not the only thing Facebook offers businesses. Thanks to the sheer amount of people on Facebook, earning word-of-mouth advertising is equally common. Facebook pages don’t have hours of operation; they allow people unfiltered access to their products or services 24/7. As clients or curious newcomers interact with the business’s posts, they also share it with their friends.

For example, say a local ice cream shop hosts a giveaway on their Facebook group. Anyone in the community can share that post to their own timeline, giving the shop free advertising. In fact, Facebook has evolved over the years, making it much easier for people to see what their friends are doing. Now, if a user so much as comments on or likes a post, it can show up in their friends’ timelines. It’s made it easy for a business to acquire earned advertising.

Modern Advertising with Facebook

Facebook has made many similar, small adjustments over the years. Facebook walls became timelines, with different classes of pages depending on the need. If a user wants a personal page, they can still do that, but there are also individualized pages for community figures, freelancers, non-profits and other types of organizations. Facebook reviews changed to recommendations to encourage additional exposure and to prevent the potential negative effects of word-of-mouth promotion. Recommended posts now appear in timelines alongside regular posts, broadening the number of businesses a user can interact with on any given day.

Facebook needs businesses, and businesses need Facebook. In this modern age, businesses need an internet presence to survive. Bigger names do this through a company website, but not all organizations have the resources or budget to maintain one. In that respect, Facebook makes for an excellent middle ground. When people research a business, a Facebook page is sometimes all it takes to give them the information they need. Even if a business does have its own website, a Facebook page supplements it, drawing traffic from more sources and giving the business additional opportunities to connect with new or returning customers.

Communication is the backbone of marketing and sales. Facebook enables effective communication and helps businesses build and maintain strong customer bases, gain Internet popularity and find success in the modern era. In return, the businesses contribute to the site’s ad revenue and give Facebook’s users a reason to keep coming back. Both have adapted to help each other, and they will continue changing for a long time.

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4 Traditional Marketing Strategies B2B Businesses Should Try

For B2B businesses, companies are their customers. At your B2B company, you might find that standard customer acquisition methods aren’t having the best results. If you want to have success in obtaining new business partnerships, consider trying a few traditional marketing methods. Here are four traditional marketing strategies that B2B businesses should consider trying.

Considering Offering Samples or Freebies

You might also try giving away samples or freebies in order to drum up new partnerships. Business clients often want to be able to see how a product or service works. Having samples to give away addresses this issue. Also, it’s human nature to be happy about receiving something for free that would have otherwise cost money. In fact, CIO reports that Costco is able to obtain 100-600 percent sale increases for certain products they offer samples of.

Don’t Be Afraid of Cold Calling

In certain situations, your company won’t have a large number of leads coming in. In many instances and for many companies cold calling is effective for lead generation. Cold calling might seem intimidating to a lot of people, but it’s an underutilized marketing method that you should consider. Don’t worry if cold calling seems uncomfortable. The more experience you gain from these calls, the faster those nerves go away.

Direct Mail Marketing

As a business owner, you’re aware that it’s important to stay ahead of the competition. It’s wise to utilize strategies that your competitors are not. While many B2B companies are sending out emails, try a more direct approach. It’s easy to think of direct mail as something that’s becoming unpopular, but this isn’t true. DMNews found that direct mail has a 4.4 percent response rate, much higher than email’s 0.12 percent response rate. In addition to a high response rate, technology for direct mail marketing has advanced in recent years. It used to be difficult to optimize direct mailings for efficiency. Now, automation technology makes direct mail marketing much more efficient for modern businesses. 


In this day and age, it’s rare that people meet face to face. Unfortunately, this places distance between a B2B company and its clients. If you want to remove this distance, attending local networking events can help. While this might seem uncomfortable, it’s difficult to match the connection between two people speaking to each other in person. Those connections can result in valuable new client relationships.

There are several traditional marketing strategies that could help B2B businesses obtain more customers. If you want to increase leads as fast as possible, consider combining these strategies. Before too long, your company will begin receiving a steady stream of communication from potential clients.

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