With Facebook being arguably the world’s most important social network, you need to master this platform as a business owner. If you don’t, you could miss out on a lot of potential business and traction in your industry. But you need the right toolset to make sure your FB posts are catchy so they can help your conversion rates. Here are four tips to consider when creating your next post:

Get the Length Right

The word count of your Facebook post is going to have a lot to do with your success on this platform. Sometimes, you need to have a short post that is only designed to get people to click through to your actual website. Other times, make the post longer if your goal is to generate engagement on FB itself so that you can build a community. The length will affect how catchy it is by setting the tone and depth of the article, and ultimately this is based on giving your target market what they want.


For a Facebook post to be catchy, it all starts with the headline. People are scrolling through their feed quickly today, and they are overwhelmed with all kinds of content from friends, family, and other companies’ pages. Make your headline count by virtually reaching out and stopping your readers in their tracks with an odd, special, urgent, or otherwise relevant benefit or fact in your headline.


Once you have generated the right kind of attention, you need to channel this attention into them reading further on in your post. Start to include more facts, figures, testimonials, and supporting evidence for what your post is about. Remember, keep the reader in mind. The only thing that defines “interesting” is what is relevant right this second to your market.

Build Desire and Close

The facts and figures and attention-grabbing done above are great. However, they only serve the purpose to set up your desire building and call to action. Use emotional language, paint the positives of taking action (share your page, subscribe to your email list, or buy a product, etc.) and the negatives of waiting for maximum effect.

When it comes to modern-day marketing, nothing is more important than your presence on social media. And if you can master Facebook, there is nothing you can’t do as a business. Use the tips above to make sure your Facebook posts are at the top of the crop and that you generate attention, interest, and ultimately action with your prospects.


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