When you are starting a blog, you probably have a group of people in mind that you want to read what you are creating. Whether you are creating this for your family, your clients, or you are trying to become an influencer, there are a few things you need to do to make sure you are reaching the people you set out to connect with.

Know Your Audience

Your first step to reaching your target audience is knowing who they are. The key to success here is doing your target market research. This research process will help you determine things like where your audience lives, whether they like to shop online, if they are active on social media, etc. Three kinds of data that you’ll obtain through your target market research process include geographic, demographic, and psychographic data.

Do Your Keyword Research

Once you’ve attained a clear understanding of who your audience is, you’re ready to start putting the content for your blog together. To ensure your audience will actually find this content, make sure you do some keyword research. This process will involve determining which words and phrases people are typing into the search field when they try to locate the kind of information you are putting out on the internet. It doesn’t matter how good your content is if no one can find you. Once you know what these words are, you can use them to focus your SEO efforts. Be careful to avoid keyword stuffing. Not only does this not look good, as Da Vinci Virtual Offices explains, going overboard with keywords can actually hurt you and make it harder for customers interested in you or your business to find you..

Make The Blogging Process Interactive

One of the best ways to make your online blogging process successful is by making your posts as interactive as possible. Taking this step will empower you to keep your audience engaged with your brand, thereby putting the relationship-building process in full effect. There are hundreds of strategies you can employ to make your blog posts interactive. One of them is the consistent production of Q & A blog posts. These posts will enable your site visitors to ask specific questions about what you are creating and feel like they are important to you. When your audience feels like they are heard, they will be more invested in what you are creating.

Distribute Your Posts

One of the biggest challenges of publishing a blog is getting your audience to visit your site to read new posts. In the past, people would subscribe to blogs using an RSS feed which would notify them when a blog that they follow published a new post. Now, people primarily find out about new blog posts through their social media feed.

Not everyone is going to be willing to subscribe to your email list, but most people will follow a social media channel without a second thought and are likely to check their feed throughout the day. This makes social media the most effective way to notify your audience about a new blog post. Facebook specifically is where most people find out about new blog posts, so it’s important that you post to your Facebook page whenever you have a new article on your blog. In many cases you can even link your account to your blog to automatically post to your Facebook page whenever your blog is updated.